Scholarship Program

Rajesh Kulkarni Art Education Scholarships for Art Students (Foundation Students)

New‘RKAEd Scholarship’in memory of immense contribution by late Mr. RajeshKulkarni who was one of the Founder Member of Manthan Art Foundation (MAF).

Who can apply?

Admission process of the deserving candidates and Eligibility for the scholarship

  • MAF intends to scrutinize the Candidates who have appeared for the foundation test for the Govt Art Degree/Diploma course. It does not matter whether the candidate has passed this test or not.
  • The sole criteria for student to get admission are his aptitude to learn creative applied art. As aptly said: “God always helps the Brave who dares” Thus Manthan Art Foundation’s Scholarship helps needy student to get admitted in Manthan Schools ‘market ready’ in 12 to 18 months.
  • In Manthan Art Schools Communication Design whose fees is 245000/- is a job oriented course will be given absolutely free! This means assured placement on completion of the course by Manthan, and such student starts earning enough to lead his own life independently.
  • A recommendation of the eminent personality such as Din or Superintendent Officer of the Foundation Course or Teachers from the department as to his sincerity and his financial inability to pay for his course may help Manthan Art Foundation to make a decision on his admission. Of course, MAF has to agree to the rules made under the GuruKul system of learning at Manthan School of Creative Advertising and Art program.
  • The admission process of interview and test of skills at Manthan should be designed to get full and required information about the student as well as parents at one sitting only.
  • Final Admission shall be based on noting available through Interview of student and Parents income verification, Creative ability test ranking and certain task fulfilled, if any.

Basic Rules to be followed by the Students covered under Scholarship program:

  • Every Student must attend the class schedule everyday unless declared a holiday. The daily class routine may be divided into specific time-slots for lectures, followed by self -practice and completion of specific assignments. Sometime shall be reserved for cleaning, and general upkeep of the class room including the Tea/food breaks
  • Students must try and find out relevant material on the subject from books, internet or by way of notes on self- realization etc. and submit the findings to the faculty on daily basis to have a practice of research on the subject.
  • All the questions arising out of lectures must be noted in writing into the diary and taken to faculties, until all of them are fully satisfied and resolved.
  • Every student must obtain the approval on the assignment with signature of the faculty, remarks and date marked on the page.
  • When asked by the faculty to indulge into time bound group discussion on a specific assignment, each student is expectedto give his/her own view and reason/comments included in the final presentation.
  • Students are expected to groom themselves for the presentation on any subject consistent or out of syllabus or course subjects, in their own words, with neat and clean Whiteboard use to explain the process of opinion formed.
  • Each student must behave, dress and talk decent; in the class or otherwise with colleagues, faculties and seniors by keeping the decorum of the class, respect and modesty all the time.
  • Adhering to the schedule, Timely completion of the tasks and assignments, and its submission for checking or remarks is primary responsibility of every student.
  • All the class work, notes taken, all designs, drawings, sketches , work process notes must be written neatly and clean manner with proper margins left for assessment notes , corrections, and remarks by Faculties.
  • At the start of every day, a student has remind to himself that ‘ Creativity is not by Chance…..but it is a way of Life’
  • And lastly, he shall remember with gratitude that one day, he has to extend the similar scholarship support through Manthan Art Foundation, to a needy boy or a girl, who only has a will to learn to fulfill a dream, but has no financial ability!