Management Committee

Prof. Shashikant Sukhdev Gawali​

Founder & President

Here is a secret to make a great career in advertising- you should be imaginative, a dreamer, a bit crazy and most important – have a burning desire! Ad world always needs creative campaigns overnight. The rewards are great for the creative people in the ad industry, the growth is fast. So CREATIVE SKILL is needed. At Manthan we understand the artist’s sensitive mind. We teach students to convert life experiences into creative ideas that sell the brand- nurture the habit of out-of- the-box approach, experimentation and presentation skills. Finally we develop his personality, portfolio and place him in the right ad agency in the world- then for us his education is complete. Our ex student achievers and awards is the satisfying proof of this.

Meet me; open your mind and dreams to me! I am here to make you madder…creative and successful!

Committee Members

Dr. Snehal Shashikant Gawali
(Vice President)
Smt. Tayjaswni Rajesh Thite
Mr. Prasad Chandrakant Gawali
Mr. Nishikant Prabhu Khanvilkar
Smt. Smita Vijay Nortan
Adv. Abhishekh Arvind Jagtap