About Trust

Manthan Art foundation

The Manthan Art foundation is a group of thinkers and creative professionals in advertising, media, event management, films, education and social fields. They all share a profound urge to bring about a positive change in society. Our foundation endeavors to achieve this by creating awareness about social issues, offering solutions, motivating the masses to change the society as well as the nation for a better future. Hence, we organize events, competitions, workshops, exhibitions that trigger action. We encourage budding creative minds and empower them through education and career opportunities, in an unorthodox manner. Our seminars, workshops, festivals in the domain, activities and events encourage the expression of creative minds through ‘Manthan – The School of Creative Advertising And Art’. It is the associate body of Manthan Art Foundation.

Our Vision

To guarantee every individual the right to have an equal opportunity to play sports and have an outreach of more than 1 million individuals by the end of 2030.

Our Mission

To build a sports culture where every individual receives the right mentor ship and support to nurture and grow through sports. We seek to drive a positive change  by bringing people together in a way that they can impact the lives of each other to create a better tomorrow.